Better coffee

We use our experience and care to ensure our hand Roasted coffee maintains consistency with every cup. we blend to achieve a coffee greater than the sum of its parts, lightly roasted so you can taste the coffee, not the roast.  Triple Two Coffee is ground fresh with every shot through a temperature-controlled espresso machine! All of this, operated by passionate staff who are all 222 coffee masters, following rigorous training and constant assessment.

Corporate catering

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You no longer need to visit our coffee shop on the high street! We now deliver food directly from our kitchens to your office! Our freshly made food is prepared for order so you get the freshest possible platter. So Whether you’re having an internal meeting or hosting guests a Triple Two delicious corporate platter will keep everybody happy and energy levels up!

Triple Two

Triple Two is all about combining the best coffee prepared by our expertly trained Coffee Masters and freshly prepared food under the same roof. Whether you want to eat in, takeaway or have one of our wonderful team deliver lunch to your office, everything we do is designed to brighten and fuel you up for your day!