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4 Benefits of Starting Your Day with A Good Cup of Coffee

4 Benefits of Starting Your Day with A Good Cup of Coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning is a comforting ritual. But aside from the warmth it gives, did you know that coffee has a lot to offer? If you’re one of those people who can’t let a day go by without having a dose of coffee, we’re sure that you will be happy to know the benefits you’re reaping from it.

Enhances physical performance

One of the main reasons why people drink coffee is because it makes them feel refreshed and energised. The caffeine in the coffee is the one responsible for this, and studies have shown that it helps increase brain function, specifically energy level, memory, mood and reaction times. Caffeine also improves blood flow allowing you to feel motivated and productive. It is truly undeniable that having coffee is a great way to get you up and going for the day.

Helps you burn fat

Yes, you’ve read it right – coffee can help you burn fat! Caffeine boosts your metabolic rate by up to 20 percent, helping you burn calories faster. It causes fats to break down and to release fatty acids in the bloodstreams, which can further be used as a fuel. Aside from giving your metabolism a kick, this drink also contains the helpful weight loss aid, Chlorogenic acid, that is capable of slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates and breaking down fat.

It is good for your body

By drinking coffee, you get the essential nutrients like riboflavin, manganese, pantothenic acid, potassium and magnesium. Coffee is also loaded with powerful antioxidants that can help fight against ageing and diseases like diabetes, cancer and liver ailments. Its mild antidepressant properties have also been linked to lower suicide rates. Sure, it’s more than just an energy booster!

May help you live longer

Pour yourself another cup of coffee and rejoice as this precious drink is said to affect longevity. Since coffee can lower your risk of contracting some of the most common diseases, you may be able to live longer and have a lower chance of dying a premature death.

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