Clean Start

We are all hoping to come out of quarantine feeling the best we can. It is such a strange time and we are all in need of ways to feel uplifted and motivated. Small accomplishments can go along way these days. We have found cleaning and organising to be a great way to keep busy, as well as greatly satisfying when completed. After all, our homes are now where we spend all our time.


We have been choosing one room a week to tackle, focusing on a few main areas…

Tackle that pile of clothes you never wear!

On average, 30% of what’s in our wardrobes hasn’t been worn for over a year – some items don’t fit anymore, some are fashion ‘blasts from the past’ and some we think we will wear but never do!

Start by taking everything out of the wardrobe or draws and creating a pile of what’s no longer used. Sort your clothes by category, most-used items at the front, while seasonal or rarely used pieces can go up higher or in the back.

Our tactic- if you haven’t used it in a month or wouldn’t notice if it was missing… get rid! Make sure where you can that you keep a bag of clothes that can be donated rather than just thrown out. You can’t donate to most charity shops at the moment but hold onto them until we are allowed again.


Take Stock of The Essentials

Clean out your alcohol cabinet or spice shelf and figure out what you have and what you might be missing. There’s no way to know if you have three bottles of cumin or how many dusty bottles of spirits you have until you take stock.


Paper Everywhere

Paper clutter is one of the worst offenders. It accumulates quickly and can be totally overwhelming if you don’t deal with it. First, gather every bit of paper in your house. Don’t forget to check the junk drawers for crumpled takeaway menus, instruction manuals, and flyers. Then, sort everything into three piles: Recycle, Scan, or Save.




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