How Is Coffee Enjoyed Around The World?

Did you know that Europeans are the highest consumers of coffee? Finland, Iceland, and Norway are the top Scandinavian countries to consume coffee in the world! Can you imagine enjoying a hot and freshly brewed coffee in the swankiest coffee shops in Europe? But that is just one side of the world, coffee is one of the most common hot beverage globally. Take a ride with us as we learn how coffee is enjoyed around the world.

First stop, Ethiopia!

If we are to get historically correct here, Ethiopia is considered as the birthplace of coffee. Coffee is an integral part of their culture and not just a hot beverage you can order alongside your ham and cheese baguette from a sandwich shop. In Ethiopia, it takes several hours to perform a coffee ceremony. But it’s all worth it as they intensely infuse their coffee with spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom to name a few. 

Benvenuto in Italia!

That one shot of espresso that pumps you up throughout the day was first discovered in Italy. You cannot be in Italy and not try their biggest contribution to the world’s coffee culture – Espresso. If you feel that this is too strong for you, just add sweet whipped cream and you’ll have a nice caffeinated treat.

One way ticket to Japan, please!

Japan and most Asian countries are well known for their love of tea but it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy coffee too. But unlike their elaborate rituals for tea drinking, the way they consume coffee is rather very simple. They buy coffee in vending machines, both hot and cold canned variants. Another popular way Japanese people enjoy coffee is buying it from the street carts and drink it while commuting to work. 

Whether you enjoy a speciality coffee or regular black coffee, one thing is for sure; there’s someone out there in the world that loves coffee as much as you do.