Iced Coffee, a summer alternative to your favourite beverage?

With your favourite cup of coffee, you’re probably starting to wonder what to do with yourself now that summer has finally arrived. The sun is shining, the mercury is rising and despite your undying love of coffee, all of a sudden it seems just a little bit too warm for a steaming hot beverage. Iced coffee is the perfect solution and will soon become your new best friend.

One of the best things about iced coffee is that there are just SO many ways to enjoy it!

Many iced coffees are served blended as a frappe or frappuccino. These are often indulgent ‘treat’ coffees that contain cream and syrups such as chocolate, butterscotch or salted caramel. Some also have the addition of whipped cream and sauces on top. For the real coffee lovers, there is also the option of an espresso-based Frappuccino. If you prefer a subtler taster or want a lighter frappuccino, just let your barista know and they will create your drink accordingly.

You can also enjoy your coffee more simply, served over ice. This could be made as a cold brew or shaken with ice. Sometimes sweet or foamed milk is added, along with syrups and sweeteners to suit any taste. If, however, you’re concentrating on that beach body and want to keep the calories down, opt for a crisp Iced Americano, or for a smoother blend, choose a cold brew.

Whether you’re soaking up the rays outside or you’ve grabbed drinks to go for the road trip, head down to Triple Two to find your perfect accompaniment to a summer’s day!