Keeping Motivated

It can be a tricky time when self-isolating. Here are some tips from what we’ve been doing to stay motivated and happy at home:



Now we are having to stay inside every day to keep ourselves, friends and family safe- a simple routine is a great way to maintain productive and positive feelings. A routine draws attention away from the fact you’re stuck at home and helps you achieve something with your day.

A few tips:

  • Take some time to plan the schedule. To do lists all the way!
  • Get up at the same time and don’t go to bed too late
  • Set mealtimes, same as when you would eat when not isolating
  • Set goals and allow yourself rewards
  • Do not set goals that are too ambitious as you don’t want to be disheartened if you don’t achieve them that day
  • Create a great working space that can be your ‘office’
  • Although pyjamas all day everyday sounds great- it can hinder your productivity. Take on the day like every other day- get up, get dressed and smash it!



These are some pretty crazy and stressful times. Keeping a good balance between relaxation and productivity is super important. Use this time to refresh yourself.

  • Watch your favourite films & TV shows
  • Exercise- make sure to get your one-a-day whilst keeping safe
  • Pamper yourself! Face masks, nails, haircare- things you might not normally have time to do
  • Baking & cooking delicious dishes, cakes & treats
  • Start yoga or meditation. Even just a few deep breaths can help to ease stress and anxiety.



During self-isolation, make sure you stay in contact with friends and family. Even reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Weekly online chats with different people are fun and entertaining- virtual quizzes are booming at the moment! Zoom, Skype, Facebook, whatever your favourite way to communicate with people- keep it up.


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