The different coffee beans explained

Coffee seeds, or beans, as they are more commonly known, come from the coffee plant and are roasted to make one of the world’s most loved beverages. The coffee plant is most commonly found in Asia, Africa and Southern America. If you love your coffee then you may have wondered just how many different types of coffee bean there are available out there. Well, there are four types of coffee bean and below we explore them in more detail.

Arabica Coffee Beans

The Arabica Bean is the most popular bean in the coffee world. Due to its popularity and high quality, you often pay more for a cup of coffee made with this bean. Most commonly grown in Latin America, this bean produces a delicate tasting coffee that is mainly used in coffee blends.

Robusta Coffee Beans

The Robusta Bean produces a coffee with a higher caffeine content and one that is harsher in flavour than the Arabica Bean. This makes it a popular choice for those who love their coffee strong and bitter and is particularly good as espresso. The beans are most commonly grown in Indonesia and Africa.

Liberica Coffee Beans

The Liberica Coffee Bean can only be found growing in the Philippines. When this bean is roasted you get a woody and full-bodied flavour that is popular in a range of coffee beverages, including cappuccino and latte. As the bean is lighter with a smoky undertone, it is most often used as a coffee blend.

Excelsa Coffee Beans

This is the least common type of coffee bean and is not often sold in coffee shops. It grows in Southern Asia and it produces a fruity tasting coffee that is quite tart. As it only accounts for less than ten per cent of the coffee grown worldwide, it is the most expensive bean to buy.