The Journey of Triple Two Coffee Beans

The Journey of Triple Two Coffee Beans

The source

A coffee bean originally starts on a coffee tree, this tree produces vibrant red cherries, it’s in these cherries that the coffee bean can be found. Coffee trees grow best at higher altitudes in a tropical climate with lots of rain. The environment plays an important role in the taste of the bean and that’s why at Triple Two we source our beans from four different countries to provide the richest flavours and ultimately the best specialist coffee.coffee tree

It takes around 3-4 years for the coffee tree to bear fruit and after this initial growth stage, a coffee tree can be harvested once a year. A clear indicator that the cherries have reached the perfect ripeness is when they reach that vibrant red colour. Following this, they are hand-picked with the greatest care so that the flavour is preserved, and we can achieve the best coffee with every harvest. Once they are collected they are then taken to a large-scale mill to start the next phase of the coffee process.


The Mill

After the red coffee cherries have been harvested they get loaded up and taken to the mill. It is here that they undergo the ‘depulping’ process. There are three different ways to carry out

Dried coffee cherries

Dried coffee cherries

this process. The wash process, the honey process and the method that we use at Triple Two is the dry (natural) process. This is the oldest method of processing coffee. After harvest, the coffee cherries are spread out in a thin layer to dry in the sun.

Our producers spread them out on special raised beds for better airflow around the cherry so that we get the best coffee possible.

The cherries must be turned regularly to avoid mould or rotting. Once the coffee is properly dry, the outer husky skin and dried fruit are removed mechanically, and raw coffee is then stored for transport.


Why is Triple Two Coffee Speciality coffee?

After the cherries have been dried to the optimal humidity level, it is hand sorted to find any defects and pick them out, this assures that every cherry is of the greatest quality.

Green coffee beans

Green coffee beans

To be considered Specialty Coffee, the green coffee beans that have been processed must have no more than five full defects in 300 grams of coffee. They must be of a specific size, have at least one distinctive attribute in the body, flavour, aroma or acidity and have the moisture content between 9 and 13 percent. It can’t have any Quakers, which are unripened beans. And it is this process that allows Triple Two to guarantee a speciality coffee to our customers every time.

When all of the coffee beans have been extracted from the cherries and processed, they are ready to be shipped to the roastery for their final stage before reaching our Triple Two stores.


The Roastery

By the time the coffee beans arrive at our Triple Two roastery they have travelled an average of 5,206 miles and have been in preparation for hundreds of days. The next step is for the beans to get sorted and stacked ready to be roasted. the roastery

The Roasting process begins by loading the green coffee beans into the hopper which is on top of the roaster which is then fired up. It is very important to get the roaster to the perfect temperature in order to get the best coffee quality possible. Once the perfect temperature is achieved the beans begin roasting, this can take between 14-20 minutes for the beans to be roasted dependant on the type of specialist coffee bean being roasted. Towards the end of the roast, the beans are checked regularly to make sure they are just right. Once our Triple Two roasters are confident the beans will produce the best coffee flavours possible the beans are put into the cooler. The cooling stage is an important stage of the process and has a big effect on the sweetness and depth of the coffee. Once the coffee beans have cooled they are in the perfect condition to be packed and sent to our Triple Two stores.


Our Triple Two Coffee Stores and Coffee Masters

Having started as a cherry 5,206 miles on the other side of the world, our specialist Coffee bean has finally made it to our highly trained in-store coffee masters.lee pouring tulip

It is here that our coffee masters craft the best coffee bespoke to the preference of our customers to assure that every customer has the best Triple Two coffee experience. Throughout the whole process, our specialist coffee has been treated with the best care possible and to show that here at Triple Two we recognise the effort that has gone into delivering the best coffee to our customers. We turn our coffee into art with creative patterns that are just as special as the speciality coffee we provide. So next time you have a coffee from Triple Two you will have a newfound application for the love and care in every sip.