Marketing Support

Marketing Support

At Triple Two, we have an experienced team of marketing professionals with a deep understanding of our brand and the industry. They use their knowledge to create in house marketing campaigns and material, reducing costs as much as possible and hugely increasing the speed in which we can get new material into the marketplace. Our social media professionals create content in multiple forms across many channels to directly communicate with our customers. We use high-quality photography, video and content writing to create a suite of digital media channels all regularly updated to the highest standard. 

The team works to create a bespoke and robust marketing strategy with each store and provides guidance and assistance to carry out that strategy.  Each month the team provides details plans of the monthly marketing campaigns, detailing special offers, point of sale material and marketing trends to maximise each stores marketing communications. 

Social Media & Photography

We also have the ability to design most of our material. We create all the POS, A-Board poster content, online email marketing campaign and advertisements and more. This includes our stunning delivery menu and design of our eye-catching and unique Nespresso compatible capsules.

All design, social media and photography will be done through our central system, meaning that you never have to worry about staying not just 1… but 2 steps ahead of the game. We’ll make your life easy for you.

Loyalty App

Our loyalty app has helped to create a bespoke approach to marketing communications for each store. We’ve gained more insight into our customers with detailed knowledge of who they are and how they interact with our stores we can tailor-make campaigns designed to retain customers and maximise our customer experience. We’ve also been able to use our app to reduce marketing costs by directly interacting with our customers from their phones, saving money on advertising space.

Coffee Market Summary

Market Size

  • The total UK coffee shop market is estimated at 20,728 outlets and £7.9 billion turnover in 2015
  • The market grew by 9.7% in turnover and 8.9% in outlets in the last year
  • After 17 years of continued considerable growth, this market is one of the most successful in the UK economy
  • Growth is driven by the branded chain segment with 6,495 chain outlets and growth of 12.4%, chains delivered impressive sales growth of 15.2% to record £3.3 billion
  • Costa Coffee (1,922 outlets), Starbucks Coffee Company (849) and Caffe Nero (620) remain the UK’s leading brands with 53% branded chain market outlets share
  • Market leader Costa added 171 UK outlets with 14% sales growth in the calendar year 2015

Market Trends

  • The UK coffee shop market is dynamic and rapidly growing
  • Consumers are more knowledgeable and empowered. Coffee quality is expected, choice based on far more criteria than ever before
  • Third wave artisan coffee has profoundly helped to raise consumer expectations about coffee and overall experience and the most successful operators are responding to this trend
  • The significant growth of medium and small-sized artisan coffee chains signals a new era of competition
  • Greater commitment to coffee credentials by the non-specialist sector, in particular growth from pubs and retail outlets, has helped to generate wider consumer participation while adding to the competitive pressures
  • Premiumisation of the at-home segment continues to increase the availability of speciality coffee and further increase UK consumer expectations. Coffee pods such as Nespresso and Tassimo, have significantly increased in popularity. 30% of consumers purchase pods regularly up from 27% in 2014
  • Gourmet vending units now outnumber the branded chain market, with 6,838 machines representing 29% growth p.a. and an estimated £280 million turnover

Market Growth

  • Allegra predicts the total UK coffee shop market will comfortably exceed 30,000 outlets and £15 billion turnover by 2025, driven by branded coffee chain expansion and non-specialist operator growth
  • The branded coffee shop segment is forecast to exceed £5.7 billion to more than 8,500 outlets by 2020. Outlets are predicted to grow at 6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and revenue at 11.8% CAGR over the next 5 years

The Future Marketplace

  • The future coffee shop marketplace will be shaped by increasing consumer participation and the desire for premium quality coffee anywhere and anytime, driving improved coffee offers across a broader set of channels
  • UK consumers will become even more informed about the subtleties of coffee preparation and delivery from bean to cup, in particular, origin and roast, as well as the importance of milk texture and water quality
  • Allegra expects to see a significant increase in multi-brand strategies by leading operators and investment in artisan brand concepts