Triple Two Go

Slide There are many benefits to taking your Triple Two mobile. You can meet the continual demand for coffee, with the flexibility to move to different locations throughout the day. Triple Two Go vans have lower start up costs than our other brand format options, whilst still being an efficient way of serving customers. Triple Two Go vans are also great for high footfall areas or events, such as festivals or sports games. We have two van variations, our Custom Vintage Van or new Mercedes Citan Van.

Mercedes Citan Van

As our more compact van, the Mercedes Citan is easy to drive around business parks and offices, as well as any long distance journeys. The back of the van acts as a service area with a fixed coffee machine, grinder and multiple clever storage solutions. Serving options include hot drinks, cakes, pastries and our impulse range. There is also the ability to develop a pre-ordering service with weekly site schedules, where lunches can be made off site and prepaid for collection. This can also branch out into our corporate catering range.
Vintage Van

With service from inside van, this option has more space and flexibility on the products you can serve. In addition to what the Mercedes Citan Van can provide, you can also produce cold drinks and hot foods, such as toasties.

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