Vision & Targets

Vision & Targets

For the past year, our goal has been to build a brand offering that not only competes with the biggest food names in the U.K, but gives us the infrastructure to surpass them. We believe this has now been achieved, and although every single second of the day we aim to get better and improve all aspects of the business, we are confident we have been left with an offer that will be very difficult for others to replicate. We have a fully operational and successful kitchen in place delivering the highest quality of food, a fantastic blend of coffee that we make sure our baristas deliver to the highest standards daily, as well as a brand and design that simply just stands out as the best.

We aren’t ones to tell the world that we will open 1000 stores in the next five years, because we prefer to speak with results rather than words… But to give an idea these are our targets.



27 Store opens 6 Kiosk opens



35 Store opens 9 Kiosk opens



52 Store opens 12 Kiosk opens



The key fact to these figures though is we will never compromise the quality of the brand. Although growth is a necessary requirement, we are committed to maintaining the key U.S.P’s we have built