Why Triple Two Coffee?

Slide our vision
was simple
1) To create a unique and highly appealing brand, with an interior to deliver justic to the branding.

2) To source a speciality quality coffee and make sure our baristas can execute it to the high level required, whilst still providing the public high street prices.

3) To make food from our kitchens all day, every day, and deliver nothing other then the absolute best to our customers, without compromise.
Our Food
Made fresh every day, we source all our ingredients from highly-reputed suppliers, local where possible. We are constantly looking at new products and keeping our offering fresh and never predictable. We have a fantastic team, including a head chef, who all bring innovation into the kitchen. Our Brand After a year of developing and fine tuning, we opened our doors. We worked alongside a multi-award winning designer to create what is arguably the most exciting and slick new brand in the UK. It has been met with absolute praise both from our large customer base and critics alike. In store you will find everything from sugars, napkins, our loyalty app, crockery, takeaway cups and food all Triple Two branded.
our coffee
We offer speciality quality coffee for the same price as our high street competiton. Our coffee is delivered by a phenomenal family roaster with whom we have worked closely with every step of the way to develop our House Blend and other roast offerings, resulting in a trusted partnership. They also offer Barista training at our convenience. Furthermore, one of our coffee trainers can train anyone to not only operate with skill, but operate with speed. Essential in this business!

We use our experience and care to ensure our hand roasted coffee maintains consistency with every cup. We blend to achieve a coffee greater than the sum of its parts, lightly roasted so you can taste the coffee, not the roast.
interior design We worked alongside our multi-award winning designer to create a state of the art setting that isn't matched eslewhere. We have a contemporary feel with a welcoming ambience. Our brand and design exhibit style and comfort. Examples include our water cut Triple Two tiles that were created for us as well as stunning seating arrangements complemented under a lighter and more cheerful roof.

Marketing Support Click here to find out more about the bespoke marketing we provide for each of our stores.