Why Triple Two Coffee

How we started off…


We opened our first site, a pod inside the Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon, over a year ago. After building our reputation over the space of 3 months together with a good customer base, we opened our flagship 3000 sq ft store, in close proximity to a Costa that has been established there for over 8 years. We host a state of the art kitchen upstairs where all our food is made fresh daily. We aim to create a new era of quality and service within the coffee market.

The Food

Made fresh every day, we source all our meat from highly-reputed local butchers and our bread from an award-winning bakery. We are constantly looking at new products and keeping our offering fresh and never predictable! We have a fantastic team, including a head chef, that is on the money when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. They bring innovation into the kitchen.

The Coffee…

We offer specialty quality coffee for the same price as our high street competition, which is delivered by a phenomenal family roaster with whom we have worked closely with every step of the way to develop our House Blend and other Roast offerings, resulting in a trusted partnership. They also offer Barista training at your convenience. Furthermore, our head barista can train anyone to not only operate with skill, but operate with speed. Essential in this business!

The Brand

This took us nearly a year to develop and fine tune before we opened our doors. We worked alongside a multi award-winning designer to create what is arguably the most exciting and slick new brand in the U.K.

It has been met with absolute praise both from our large customer base and critics alike. In store you will find everything from sugars, napkins, loyalty cards, crockery, t/a cups and food branded 222 – we’ve even been asked if our hoodies and t-shirts can be purchased! We also have our mischievous Triple Two mascot who has been known to hit the high street on occasion!

The Interior Design…

We worked alongside our multi award-winning designer to create a state of the art setting that isn’t matched elsewhere. We have a contemporary feel with a welcoming ambiance. Our brand and design exhibit style and comfort. Examples include our water cut 222 tiles that were created for us as well as stunning seating arrangements complemented under a lighter and
more cheerful roof.

The Proof

The proof is in the pudding – as they say.

We say our food is unlike our coffee competition. Reasons for this are

We have recently agreed to deliver our food to one of the biggest companies in the south-west of the U.K – they sampled our food, found it to be so much better than any caterer they have used previously that now we deliver for all of their meetings. This happens as frequently as 5 times per week, delivering for up to 25 people. (View our menu later on to see what we offer at Triple Two!)

We are on Deliveroo in Swindon – the Deliveroo platform is all set up and running from our state of the art kitchen. We have the infrastructure and quality of product to deliver a great offering to all our business customers.
A huge proportion of our reviews include comments about the quality of the food, something that appears to be lacking in abundance with other brands.

We can prove that our coffee is of a speciality quality. This sets us miles above high street competition and gives us great room to advertise this going forward.

Again, we have never received a bad review about our coffee, and it appears that nearly all of the critics and business experts quote that our coffee is ‘far superior in flavour’.