Opening Times

Monday: 7.30am - 6.00pm
Tuesday: 7.30am - 6.30pm
Wednesday: 7.30am - 6.00pm
Thursday: 7.30am - 6.00pm
Friday: 7.30am - 6.00pm
Saturday: 7.00am - 6.30pm
Sunday: 8.00am - 5.00pm


3, 26-32 George St,

Wifi Available

Power outlets


Dog Friendly

Our Luton store is situated on George Street, just outside of the Feast Street entrance of Luton Mall – Perfectly situated for a mid-shopping spree pit stop! Whether you are just looking for a quick grab and go coffee, or a sit down lunch with the whole family, we have exactly what you need. We have a vast offering of hot and cold drinks, including speciality coffees, frappes, bubble teas and more. Our food offering is just as varied, with cold and hot options, snacks or meals. Within both menus are a great selection of vegan and vegetarian options, halal options, and allergen specific products.

Triple Two is proud to have a store in an area of such rich history and unique heritage. We are confident we can provide the best experience and the best coffee in this iconic town.