Our Story

Our Story 

Triple Two currently operates across a number of regions in the UK, with the initial flagship store opening in Swindon in August 2016. 

In 2020, we joined Cooks Coffee Company, the fourth largest coffee-focused cafe chain in the UK. 

Cooks Coffee Company look for brands who share a passionate and ethical philosophy based on integrity, sustainability, innovation and appealing environments.

Prior to Triple Two, Cooks Coffee acquired Enquires Coffee in 2013. Across these brands, Cooks Coffee Company currently boasts 114 outlets across all of its International markets. 

Click here for further information on Cooks Coffee Company.

where it all started

We’ve always been passionate about serving the very best, speciality coffee since day one. It’s how so many of us start our day, so we want everyone to have the best kick-start to their morning. Great coffee naturally demands great food, ours is handmade in our own kitchen, daily. Since the opening of our very first Store, (a Kiosk inside the Brunel Centre, Swindon), the brand has gone from strength to strength. 

Our Mission Was Simple

1. To create a unique and highly appealing brand, with an interior to deliver justice to the branding.

2. To source a speciality quality coffee and make sure our baristas can execute it to the level required, whilst still providing the high street prices.

3. To make food from our kitchens all day, every day, and deliver nothing other than the absolute best to our customers, without compromise.

Our Motto- ‘Real Food, Awesome Coffee’

After spending many months researching the highly competitive market, we identified a gaping hole in genuinely good quality coffee… and you guessed it; fresh, delicious food.

Our Service

However good our food may taste or however smooth our coffee may be, all of this becomes moulded into one great experience by the team we have at Triple Two. Each and every member of our team believe in the future of Triple Two, and that shows on a daily basis as we all strive to improve our brand.

Mission Accomplished?

You may think after achieving so much over the past year we are sitting back and relaxing, in fact, we haven’t even started yet! We are aiming to open over 100 stores over the next 3 years and turn Triple Two Coffee into the successful national, and ultimately international company it deserves to become! With the business developing daily, you should watch this space!

With love, Triple Two 



Our Coffee

Coffee; it’s one of the most popular drinks in the world with around 2.25 billion cups of it being consumed every day! But with so many variations of it available, it can be hard to decide which is the right one for you. So we’ve decided to do a breakdown of all the different coffees we have available at Triple Two, to help you choose. We are constantly updating our single origin coffee so there’s always something new to try! In addition to our single origin coffee,  try our House Blend, which combines a blend of light and medium roast coffee beans from four different continents!

Oat, Coconut, Tiger Nut, Almond and Soya milk alternatives are all available at no extra charge so everyone can enjoy our tasty coffee.